About us


ONECHINAGROUP in a private investment group that invest in startups and promote the stablisment of the startups ecosystem in emerging markets.

What we do

We develop programs, events and platforms to empower entrepreneeurs and their projects with mentorship, education and financing.

We also create platforms, profesional formation and events to capacitate, connect  and crete a profitable and save area for investors.

We invest in a startup ecosystem by bringing value to entrepreneurs, connecting good projects to real investors and promoting platforms to facilitate the networking.

How we do it

  • THE SEED: The seed is the incubation program of the Global Alliance. Our approach is based on preparing entrepreneurs and Validate business models.The seed is focused on preparing the entrepreneur and validating the business model in the most initial moments of the project.
  • GLOBAL ALLIANCE: Global Alliance is a startup accelerator. Our approach is based on preparing entrepreneurs and teams and validating business models.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who have projects with a technological base and with a business model. No matter the phase in which your project is. The important thing is that you are the owner of the idea and have a business plan.


AfricanEcommerce: is an onlina publication and community gathered around the startup & ecommerce ecosystem in africa.

AfricanEcommerce Summit: Tha AfricanEcommerce Summit is a yearly event that gather the most relevanat professionals, entrepreneurs and insvestors in th african startup ecosystem.

Corporative services: we offer corporative services and business consulting to companies and professionals.